Subject: where does the fear of not communion come from? Monk Abercius.

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Subject: where does the fear of not communion come from? Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Sun 27 May 2012, 10:17 am

Let's give one of characteristic cases: Once in the Lent the pupils of the Pazhesky corps were leaded in the harmonious ranks in the temple to a sacred bowl. Dmitry Shepelev, the young man educated by the "advanced" ideas of that time, shared the opinion on the events with the companion walking near: though he is forceв to make communion, he all the same doesn't believe that there are the Christ's Body and Blood in a bowl. With such mood Dmitry also accepted Sacred Gifts. However instead of bread and wine he felt the taste of meat in a mouth, and cold skepticism of his mind instantly disappeared under the pressure of the icy horror which has captured his unbelieving soul … (Archpriest Vyacheslav Tulupov “the Miracle of sacred Communion”).
If there were really the Gifts from God, in the presence of so many millions of those who give communion, would we be such? On the contrary, the total spiritual blindness, not lack of knowledge of the truth of the Doctrine of the Christ, or their perverted understanding affect; especially among clergymen.
Why for 2000 nobody has explained, on what sign there is a division about which the Lord speaks? (from Matfey 10-34,35,36,37).
Why nobody could explain a word of Lord for 2000: who saved the soul will lose it; and the one who lost the soul for the sake of Me will save it? (From Matfey 10-39).
Why for 2000 years nobody has explained how to become a communicant of the God nature?
Who rejects Jesus Christ's word, about the need of privacy when you pray to God? (From Matfey 6-6).
Who instead of Jesus Christ's truth, who in the revival “stay, like God's Angels in heavens” invents any “complete person” to us?
Why nobody for 2000 years has explained how to look for the Kingdom of Heaven, by the most important precept of the doctrine of the Christ?
Why nobody has explained, how “the mental body” is realized in “a spiritual body “? (I-e Kor.15-44).
Why nobody for 2000 years has explained: who are “preset to eternal life”? (Deyan.13-48).
Why the most important precept of the doctrine of the Christ about the search of the Kingdom of Heaven, remains in neglect?
Who explained who are "dead"? Who explained, who such, whose “the father is a devil”?
Who invented the heresy about the secondary, on the eternal connection of a soul with a body? When apostle Pavel tells, II-e Kor.5-6: “And as we know that, being installed in a body, we are eliminated from the Lord”. Who should eliminate us from the Lord forever? It is necessary to explain? to a Satan and his attendants.
All this is in the presence of so many spiritual academies, professors and academicians.
What for is it to to write the book about your lawlessness? Or do you use the fact that people don't know what will happen with the people “for sins of lying prophets, for lawlessness of his priests“?
I offer, for check, let somebody from these “appropriated understanding keys” to explain you the God's word, from Matfey 24-29: “And suddenly, after the grief of those days, the sun will grow dim, and the moon won't give the light, and stars will fall down from the sky, and heaven forces will hesitate for a time“. Let all professors of all spiritual academies of the world participate in this explanation. Look to what their explanations lead.
Let's consider the offered case. The God's truth can shine any case if it took place. Let's look by fruits. Dmitry Shepelev after that a case, started to give communion constantly. Here is the fruit. Whom is it necessary to? What is to explain, whom is it favorable to?
From the practice of asceticism it is well known, from whom there is a horror, chilling the soul. The attendant of a Satan, by means of a Satan, fixes the power over you by fear. Why do you go to them?
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